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Purpose & Creation of the Sacred Sites

Since it came into Alexis and Kay’s custodianship in 2015, there has been a rapid acceleration of energy running on this land. Through visions, it became clear that this sanctuary was a place of creative and energetic importance. The potential of this land was harnessed with the erection of two sacred sites: the Pyramid and the Goddess Stone Circle. These Sacred Sites now stand as alchemy chambers for regeneration. They are doorways of light that inspire your imagination, and connect you to the magical kingdoms of the earth and cosmos.   

As these sites were created, Alexis came to see that the Garden of Eden was meant to be created to support the elements of the earth and cosmos to alchemically disperse into and through the ley lines of the earth (known to Indigenous Australians and Song Lines, and to the Celts, as Dragon Lines). This alchemical process creates a ‘transference’ effect on the planet; a process of energetic death and rebirth; a letting go of the old to be reborn into the new. These sacred sites now create a channel of energy that links the Yengo region to other sacred sites around the world. 

The Powerful - 33.3 Gridline of the Planet

Though it only became apparent to Alexis and Kay after they became its custodians, this land sits on a powerful grid line (ley line) that interconnects it with the centre point of the galaxy.

This grid line is approximately 110 kilometres wide and runs along the -33.33 latitude of the planet. It is said to be a very powerful and unique grid line that is studied by scientists, cosmologists, mythologists, and those who are interested in our cosmic origins.

It is also said to be the most instrumental grid line for “galactic and extra-terrestrial activity”, creating a doorway for us to access alternate dimensions through meditation or astral/lightbody travel. The beings it connects us to are those that are spoken of in the Aboriginal Australian mythology of this land. Some believe it is a powerful grid line for accessibility to higher guides for healing and enlightenment.



Two years after Alexis became the custodian of this land, Alexis had a vision of a pyramid. With the support of  Matthew Noffke, architect and builder of the pyramid, along with Kay Bowden, (caretaker of the site), and all members of the local community that supported her, the enormous 12-month task of its creation began. Much like a large crystal, it became clear to Alexis that this pyramid was being energetically programmed. Constructed of copper, sandstone and clear quartz, and created in perfect geometric proportion, this sacred site conducts electromagnetic frequency that anchors light into matter for healing and lightbody integration.

Unique to its design, is its triangular ratio side slope at a π angle of 51º51'14", as well as its overall Gamatria Number symbology of 17,460. Combined with its placement on this powerful land, and its infusion of Transference Healing technology, this pyramid becomes electromagnetically active. It is a doorway to divine or magical kingdoms, stimulating your lightbody and mind to experience healing, light infusion and Merkaba activity. It also provides access to the Akashic Records, so mysteries can be unveiled.

Alexis feels that this site will be a vehicle for many of the Merkaba experiences that will bring through information for her upcoming work on the planet, in alliance with universal guidance.  She also feels that others will have their own personal healing and astral/lightbody experiences when connecting to it. She sees it as a crystalline portal for interdimensional accessibility, much like pyramids of the ancients.

This pyramid also stands as a testament to the energetic power of the modality, Transference Healing, and its Diamond Pyramid of Light, which incorporate profound alchemy and Mystery School teachings anchored onto the planet by its founder, Alexis Cartwright.

The Geometry of the Pyramid

The pyramid is 1,746.000 times smaller than the physical moon and earth as arranged in the diagram above.  Like the Pyramid of Giza, the four corners of its base stand at the exact cardinal points of the planet, as determined by the rising and setting of the sun. It also perfectly reconstructs the Pyramid of Giza in the proportion of its relationship with the moon and the earth, though on a much smaller scale. The geometric proportions of this pyramid stimulate balance, unification, oneness and the holistic nature of the Christ Body and Consciousness.



Make a deep connection to the Goddess. Be receptive to her healing. Connect to a Lemurian vibration that filters the magic of the earth and its spirit kingdoms into your body, consciousness and reality.

The Goddess Stone Circle sits on land under which yin or chi water flows. The presence of this water creates a specific healing and nurturing impact on all those who enter this sacred site. This flow of healing water brings energy up from the earth, through the sacred site, and into your body and reality, clearing old or negative energy while you sit in contemplation or meditation.   

This Triple Spiral symbol of the Goddess - a universal symbol of rebirth, rejuvenation and transference - symbolises the flow of energy orchestrated by the underground flow of water here, and the energetic impact channelled from the inner earth into this sacred space. This flow of energy is anchored into the sacred site by conductor crystals; the three large stones of the circle itself. Here, a sacred space is created for rejuvenation and healing, the forces of which are orchestrated by the Goddess.

The Stones

The Altar Stone

The large altar stone initially stood on the upper plateau amongst the bushland where the Pyramid now stands. When Alexis encountered this stone, she saw hundreds of tiny black spheres appearing around her. Through channelled guidance, these orbs were identified to be ancient nature spirits, much like those discussed in Aboriginal Australian stories. They come through to reveal the magic of the land.

The altar stone was the first to be placed on this sacred site. It is a station for prayer, meditation, spiritual practice and ceremony. Though only discovered after its placement, this stone stands at the exact centre of the -33.333 latitude of the planet. This grid line (ley line) extends some 110km wide, and resonates within and around the earth. The altar stone also marks the centre point of the Goddess Stone Circle.

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