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The Garden of Eden was created by Alexis Cartwright to be a place of personal and universal healing through the divine guidance of the Goddess. Over the years, Alexis has increasingly experienced how supportive this powerful land is to her work and channellings. It is with much gratitude that she has been guided to open the potential of this land up to others, and so was born the Academy of Learning.


The Academy of Learning is an opportunity for Alexis to share Akashic knowledge that she is consistently bringing through, knowledge that would otherwise be lost. This content encodes energetic technology in support of global grid changes, forever unveiling each participant’s awareness of the mysteries.  

When you sign up to the Academy of Learning, you are stepping into a profound opportunity for learning and growth. Participants of the academy join Alexis for live one-hour sessions, once every three months, during which she shares her channellings. 


Alexis connects with participants from the Garden of Eden. The sacred sites on this land are instrumental to her channellings and the way they are energetically absorbed. 


The Academy of Learning is a medium through which Alexis can be a vessel for specific universal knowledge that reaches beyond this period of human evolution. It is her passion and divine legacy.   






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Membership to the Academy of Learning is by application only. A limited number of places are available and are opened up by Alexis once a year.  


Once enrolled, participants are given lifetime membership. The Academy of Learning will continue for as long as Alexis is guided to hold this space for personal and universal change. This will continue indefinitely, but is confirmed to run for at least three years. 

Participants of the academy join Alexis for live one-hour sessions each quarter. All sessions are recorded and emailed to members for download. When places become available, new members receive the recordings from the previous year. 

Each member will also receive the opportunity to stay at the Garden of Eden retreat with Alexis and Kay for one night, including a private tour of its sacred sites. This is a special opportunity to experience, firsthand, the energy running at this profound location.

For one single payment of $10,000 AUD you can become a member of the Academy of Learning and participate in live quarterly channellings with Alexis Cartwright, at 7pm AEST/AEDT. Couples may apply at the special price of $9,000 each.

Alexis is now accepting applications for 2020, with the first session to take place on the 21st of December. If you wish to become a member, please submit the online application form below. 

We are thrilled to invite you into this sacred space.



All information and channellings provided in the Academy of Learning is copyrighted to Alexis Cartwright. It cannot be published or shared with members outside the Academy.  It is for personal purposes only.

To review our Terms and Conditions, please click here.

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  • Connect with Alexis once every three months for a one-hour channelling from the Garden of Eden. These sessions will occur online for groups with limited numbers.  


  • Experience interdimensional channellings by Alexis. In these channellings, Alexis will reveal universal knowledge, much of which will not be shared outside of the Academy of Learning.


  • Energetically connect to the Sacred Sites, the land and its coexisting interdimensional realms while in conversation with Alexis. Experience their magic and knowledge, supporting your healing and ascension through the continued activation and utilisation of your lightbody and Merkaba.


  • Participate in the opportunity to receive channellings from Mother Mary and other Ascended Masters; connect with other planetary worlds and interdimensional realms; work with the technology of the Global Grid Matrix; receive insight into the changing reality of our time; and hear prophetic insight related to our future existence.